Keim Chevrolet is grateful for your business. As a guest of our store, we are excited that you have an interest in taking advantage of our loyalty card called the Preferred Owner Program. This is a program that is specific to Keim Chevrolet and can only be used at our Dealership.
This program rewards you for choosing us time and time again for service after the sale. You are welcome to use the card for pre-owned or new vehicles you may have purchased here at Keim Chevrolet. We are proud of our full-service vehicle maintenance and repair center employees and technology, making it possible to work on ANY vehicle, so feel confident in our ability to perform maintenance on all vehicles in your household, regardless of the make or model.

Being a Preferred Owner, you'll feel the same complete confidence as our other loyal guests. Our strength is in our ability to consistently and successfully repair and provide routine maintenance right the first time. Keim Chevrolet Preferred Owner membership is completely free and by receiving this note you are among the first 500 families in our area to be a part of this opportunity. Congratulations!

By using the card for all vehicle service, parts, accessories, and reconditioning purchases, you are also entitled to earning a five percent credit of your parts and labor purchases (pre-tax) that can be redeemed on your next visit to our Service or Parts Department. Simply provide your card and inform your Service Advisor at check-in that you want to redeem your accrued Preferred Owner credits. It's that easy!

In addition to our Preferred Owner card savings, you can increase your savings by paying with your GM Credit Card as well.
Only at Keim Chevrolet you will find that our technicians are Factory Trained as well as ASE Certified. Also, be assured we offer a full line of Genuine GM and After-market Parts for all of your household vehicles' maintenance and repair needs.

No purchase necessary to enroll! The program is free. Earn a 5% discount off your total (pre-tax) service bill for parts and service, as well as vehicle accessories purchases by showing your card upon arrival to the dealership. 

  1. The Preferred Owner Program is open to all retail customers, or as we say, "Our Guests" of Keim Chevrolet. Participants do not need to own or purchase a GM vehicle to participate, but can only use the card at Keim Chevrolet for all rewards and redemptions (service or at sales events).
  2. The purpose of our Preferred Owner Program is to reward our guests for doing business with Keim Chevrolet here in Paradise. Each new card is pre-loaded with 20 points to use toward Service, Parts, or Accessories Department purchases. Guest who purchase a new or used vehicle receive $200.00 towards their next purchase of a new or used vehicle. For guests who have not purchased in a while but continue to bring in their existing vehicle(s) for service we also do our best to offer free enrollments at Keim Chevrolet.
  3. Sales points are good only during Preferred Owner events toward the retail purchase of a new or used vehicle from Keim Chevrolet. Once the vehicle is purchased and existing points are redeemed, additional Sales Points will be loaded to the guest's card toward his or her next vehicle purchase at our store.
  4. We are proud to be a participating dealer in GM's Preferred Owner Program. Below you will find our terms and conditions along with the many benefits of the program. Give us a call at (717) 768-8225 and ask for any service consultant if you have any questions.

You will be issued three key-tag cards (one for up to three members of your family) that slip onto a key chain for easy access. Three members of your household may carry with them to take advantage of the benefits only at keim Chevrolet. If you forget your card we can look you up easily, as long as you are enrolled, so that is the first step! 
Initial card setup benefits include $20 award points toward your next service or parts/accessories needs. Earn 5% of total parts and labor "customer-pay" portion of your bill via service, parts, or accessories purchase (less tax) toward your following/next service, parts, or accessories purchase. For sales, we have periodic sales events for when sales points can be utilized as an additional reward. Customers eligible for GMS/Supplier purchase programs are not eligible to redeem sales rewards, but may utilize the service rewards program. Maximum service redemption allowed is established on each card. Sales points may NOT be used for Service/Parts/Accessories. Earnings accrued through service may not be applied to a New or Used Vehicle purchase. Maximum sales redemption is established on each card. Keim Chevrolet employees or their immediate family members are not eligible.

Your Preferred Owner membership can be used for any vehicle in your household. We can provide routine maintenance on ANY vehicle, regardless of make or model. Earnings may not be applied to warranty or extended warranty repairs.
Any parts or accessories items purchased with points from your Preferred Owner Program Card cannot be returned for cash. A point-value credit will appear as points on your card for any return. Receipts are required for any return (30 days of purchase). All returned items' value will be applied to your Preferred Owner Card. Award points May NOT be used in conjunction with other specials and coupons. $300 is the maximum for accrued point redemption amounts per service/parts/accessories transactions.
Preferred Owner rewards are not transferable to other designated accounts. Rewards are earned on customer-pay pre-tax service, parts, and accessories only. Factory or extended warranty repairs, insurance claims, or deductible charges are not eligible to earn rewards.

Preferred Owner card earnings cannot be redeemed/exchanged for cash. The returned item's value will be put back onto the Preferred Owner card.
We reserve the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Preferred Owner Program at any time.
The Preferred Owner Program rewards may not be used in conjunction with any other specials or advertisements.
Business / Fleet guests may be included (though Wholesale customers may not be included) in the Preferred Owner Program.
When sales events are held, you may have an opportunity to use service reward points toward the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.
5% of the total parts/accessories and/or service (pre-tax) will be awarded on all purchases (NO LIMIT) paid on today's visit. Those points may be used at any next service and/or parts/accessories visit.

Program users may accumulate a maximum of 300 TOTAL Service Points before redeeming the points at Keim Chevrolet. However, as many as 300 points at a time can be redeemed each service or parts/accessories visit. They cannot be earned or redeemed on wholesale or already discounted services or items. For example, if you spend $100.00 (before taxes are added) with Keim Chevrolet,  you receive five Service Points. Since each Service Point is worth one dollar towards a future purchase, the very next time you come to Keim Chevrolet.

Cards never expire unless the Preferred Owner Program is discontinued.
Guests may access their Preferred Owner accounts by going to the Program's website.