Why the Transfer Case is Important in 4WD and AWD Vehicles

Are you a Paradise, PA driver looking to better understand your vehicle's components in order to make more informed maintenance decisions? If so, then the transfer case is a component that you should not overlook. Although it is discussed less frequently than components like the engine or transmission, the transfer case is still quite crucial to a vehicle's performance.

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Great Used Chevy and Other Trucks Here at Keim Chevrolet Mean More Value!

Summer is here, and that means trips to the lake and other fun activities, so if you need to find a used truck to pull the boat or do some major hauling, we've got you covered here at Keim Chevrolet in Paradise, PA! We sell used Chevrolet trucks as well as a number of used trucks from other popular brands, so we're sure we've got the perfect truck to carry you through summer and beyond!

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